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Western  Australia Hotels and Accommodation

Western Australia and Perth Hotels and Travel Information

Western Australia is located in the western part of the Australian mainland, which covers the whole third of the western coast line and is bordered by Northern Territory and South Australia. Western Australia's capital city is Perth which is the largest city in the state and the forth largest city in Australia, so finding some Western Australian Accommodation is easy. Perth is the gateway to the western coast and since it is a seaside city, then people flock to Perth and the surrounding towns, just to visit the beaches. Western Australia is famous for its coastal towns from the south all the way up the west coast of Australia. Such towns as Albany, Bunbury, Broome, Esperance, Geraldton, Monkey Mia,  just to name a few. Due to its size and climate Western Australia houses a vast topographic land. From coastal areas, to desert plains to the tropical north, Western Australia has something for everyone. We have over 380 Western Australia Hotels and over 130 Perth Hotels for you to search, priced for all types of budgets and luxury.
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